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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

FiFA 99 Full Version Game Free Download

The FIFA series makes its fourth appearance on Nintendo 64 with 250 club teams, 20 international stadiums, and 12 leagues from around the world. Lead your favorite team through a full season, compete in a European dream league, or create your own custom league and cup matches. On the pitch, your athletes will be able to perform new slide shots, traps, tackles, and acrobatic skill moves. View the action from a choice of eight camera angles, while carefully managing injuries, substitutions, formations, and fatigue throughout the course of play. Up to four friends can compete simultaneously on the same screen. A Controller Pak is required to save statistics and season progress.
~ Scott Alan Marriott, All Game Guide
Roots & Influences
EA Sport's FIFA series first originated back in 1994 where FIFA International Soccer was hailed as one of the most impressive sporting titles to ever be released. The title spread its coverage by hitting multiple platforms including the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, 3DO, MS-DOS, Sega CD as well as appearing on the Gamegear and Gameboy handhelds.

FIFA first made the transistion to the 32-bit market in the form of FIFA Soccer 96, but unfortunately the series struggled to pick up an indentity on the 32-bit platforms as it had commanded on the 16-bit machines. The problem continued on with FIFA 97.

FIFA debuted on the Nintendo 64 during 1997 in the form of FIFA 64, but found itself facing instant criticism from the media because of a simply awful conversion.

In late 1997, FIFA: Road To World Cup 98 made its appearance on not only the PlayStation, but also the Nintendo 64. The game was hailed as graphicaly superior to Konami's International Superstar Soccer 64, but failed to play smoothly. In 1998, World Cup 98 was released, and failed to really incorporate anything new into the series to warrant a purchase.


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