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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Motocross Madness 1 Free Download from Microsoft offers an extreme motocross experience and delivers the thrills of the stunt quarry, Baja course and indoor or outdoor track racing in beautifully rendered 3D (hardware) accelerated graphics. You control your riders movements and the bike separately and an advanced physics model takes care of the rest delivering an outstandingly realistic game play experience. Control the bikes braking, acceleration, gears and steering while altering the riders center of gravity.

 Terrain, rider and bike graphics are very impressive when your hardware meets the requirements to run Motocross Madness. Mountains loom before you, dust kicks from the rear tire and when your rider misses a landing you can almost feel the bumps as he/she skids or bounces across the unforgiving track or open terrain. Indeed if you have a force feedback joystick there is no almost about it as Motocross Madness supports force feedback through the DirectInput(R) API. Full motion video of actual motocross events is of good quality and add to the excitement of the game.

 Sounds in the game are also impressive as is the background music. Hear motors rev and the unsettling crunch of man and machine as they impact at high speed with the maybe too realistic terrain.

 This is a game that offers great replay and money value. Events in Motocross Madness include: The Stunt Quarry, Super Cross, and Baja courses. Five (5) different stunt quarries are available as well as over 30 indoor and outdoor tracks. With so many events and multiple tracks and quarries to choose from the next racing or stunt challenge is just a mouse click away. As if these were not enough there are 16 different stunts to master and you can even taunt other riders as you leave them sucking exhaust and dust.

 This feature rich game offers still more, when you get too good for the supplied tracks, build your own with the simple to use track editor and when computer opponents no longer give you enough grief on the track try out the multi player capabilities of Motocross Madness.



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    1. Bro I Am Update This Link Plz Check And Enjoy Game

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